Was J. Cole’s New Single ‘false Prophets’ A Publicity Stunt?

It would seem like J Cole has had a change of heart about his Kanye West “diss track”. The US rapper has unveiled the tracklist for his forthcoming album 4 Your Eyez Only but controversial song False Prophets is noticeably absent.


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Following the surprise announcement his fourth album will arrive on Friday 9 December, J Cole, 31, premiered False Prophets and the accompanying music video. Lyrics are rumoured to be aimed at West, 39, with J Cole making references to an artist with an “ego” and a self-professed “genius.”

However, many criticised the poor timing of False Prophets given West’s recent meltdown and ongoing medical treatment for “exhaustion”, which perhaps prompted J Cole to backtrack and remove the song from the album. Others speculate that the No Role Modelz rapper simply used West’s current plight as publicity for his new album.

One wrote on Twitter: “Some people still don’t know J. Cole is using kanye for publicity stunt,” while another weighed in: “I love how j Cole has been irrelevant for years now and all of a sudden just drops an album dissing other rappers…publicity stunt much?” Another commentator said: “It’s hilarious y’all don’t see these publicity stunts J.Cole pulls for what they are.”

Aside from West, J Cole is also accused of throwing digs at Drake over claims the One Dance rapper uses a ghostwriter, while others believe he makes reference to rapper Wale. Lyrics include: “Maybe it’s my fault for idolising n****s based off the words they be rappin/ But come to find out, these n****s don’t even write they s**t/ Hear some new stuff bubblin’ up, then they bite the s**t.


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