German Girl Aims to Bring Chinese Medicine to World

A  German girl is aiming to bring traditional Chinese medicine to the world and she’s working hard to see it come to fruition. 


Early-life experiences can leave a lasting impression. And for 26-year-old Andrea, benefitting from the power of acupuncture at a young age led to a transformative move in later life.


The German medical student moved all the way to China to learn traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in Chengdu, the capital of southwest Sichuan Province. 


“I was ill at 12 years old and some Western doctors had been of no help whatsoever,” recalled Andrea. “My mom went to find a Hungarian doctor who was able to use acupuncture therapy and it worked so well on me.” And that’s when Andrea really got excited about the ancient and special Chinese treatment.


A medicine major back at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in her homeland, Andrea has now spent nine months taking TCM courses at Chengdu University.


“TCM often includes a lot of medical jargon which is quite difficult to put into use in German,” said Andrea. “It’s a lot easier to learn it right here in China.”


Locals were skeptical of Andrea at first, but they have been won over by her dedication and obvious talent.


“Some patients choose to see me for a second time,” said Andrea proudly.


TCM therapies, particularly acupuncture, are increasingly accepted and relied upon outside China – especially to tackle migraines and aches in the back, legs and knees.


Another ancient Chinese treatment, “cupping”, has also become a go-to treatment for many outside the country. US swimmer Michael Phelps went viral on social media platforms when he dived into the pool during the Rio Olympic Games with purple circles dotting his shoulders and back earlier this year.


Andrea is fitting in well with the new and slow lifestyle of Chengdu, and has even developed a special affection for pandas. She will definitely help reveal more of the latent benefits of traditional Chinese medicine to Europe when she returns.

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