​Overfed squirrels turn obese in Hangzhou Zoo

​Overfed squirrels turn obese in Hangzhou zoo thanks to excess of food from visitors. 


If you come across chubby squirrels in Hangzhou, you might be responsible for its weight. Many visitors show love to the squirrels by giving them food, fruits and vegetables that is responsible for the squirrels obesity. 


Hundreds of tourists visiting the West Lake in Hangzhou, east China’s Zhejiang Province, have feeding the squirrels in the area for their pleasure and pastime. The hordes of tourists were seen feeding the squirrels with bread, crispy chips, as well as crops.


But by doing so, they might just be contributing to the squirrels’ unhealthy diet habits.


Experts from the Hangzhou Zoo are now suggesting tourists to refrain from overfeeding the squirrels with junk food, as it may affect their livers and ultimately endanger their lives.

Well, the squirrels are obese, and that seems to be a better problem than extinction. 

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