On Tuesday 8th November, 2016, Americans went out to exercise their civil rights and vote in a new president to lead them for the next four years while Africa watched the drama unfold. They were to pick out of the two candidates which were Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump.


The election of Hilary Clinton would have been recorded in all history books. This is because she would have been the first woman to become the president of the United States. However, that was not to be. It is no longer news that the results of the American elections held have been announced with Donald Trump emerging the 45th President of the United States.

Africa may be affected by Trump's Presidency

America elects Trump as new president

This is shocking and not shocking at the same time. It is shocking because as a candidate, he openly expressed a lot of views that looked down on women and encouraged racial segregation. It is not shocking because this has proven that a lot of Americans would never want to be ruled by a woman and racism still exists. A lot of people must have had the opportunity to listen to ten minutes of a campaign speech by Donald Trump and summarized his campaign promises thus:


  1. I Will Fight Terrorists in The New America

This is actually not a bad thing. Terrorism in Africa is really at its peak with billions dying every day in various countries. His vow to end terrorism and bring peace back to Africa, if accomplished, will bring a huge sigh of relief and smiles to a lot of faces. Let’s hope this time, it won’t be another promise yet unfulfilled.


  1. Blacks And Illegal Immigrants Will Go Back To Their Country

Donald Trump is racist and not afraid to say it. He put as part of his campaign promises that every illegal immigrant in the United States will be sent back to their countries respectively. Considering the fact that the US is practically saturated with these immigrants, one can say it is not a bad idea. What is more surprising is the fact that he has also vowed to send every person of color back to their country as well. In his words, he said that blacks were not welcome anymore and should go back and fix their countries. We have African-Americans that have spent all of their lives in the US. Does this mean they should all start tracing their roots??


To Africans, America is synonymous with the most powerful global center in the world. This is not far-fetched as the policies approved in America more often that not, affect the rest of the world, including Africa. We can only hope that Africa does not suffer disastrous consequences now that America has been Trumped!


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