Vast sinkholes of China Sparks Excitement 

The next tourist hotspot? Vast sinkhole discovery sparks excitement


Forty-nine rarely-found sinkholes have been discovered in Hanzhong, northwest China’s Shaanxi Province – a new development in karst geological research.

These vast and wide sinkholes have continuously sparked and served as an excitement galore for tourists. 


Karst landscape is formed when soluble rocks dissolve, and typically feature vast underground caves. The biggest sinkhole revealed in Hanzhong has a diameter of 520 meters. Stalactites and stalagmites cover the walls of the cave, and flying squirrels flock through the naturally-formed pits.


“Such an important discovery not only fills a blank in the world’s karst geological research, but also enriches the tourism resources in terms of geological relics across the globe,” said Wang Weihua from the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Land Resources.


Many netizens were so struck by images of the sinkholes that they are already planning trips to explore the new discoveries, although local authorities have warned that the complicated topography and dense wooded walls of the caves mean the natural wonders are not yet recommended stops on the tourist trail. 


Click on the photos below to take a look at the masterpiece of nature, which may – in the years to come – be Shaanxi Province’s next tourist hotspot.

Take another look at the vast sinkhole of China. 

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