How To Use WhatsApp As A Business And Marketing Tool

WhatsApp has been receiving more attention since Facebook purchased this messaging service application. The service has renewed the way the phones have been used for the advertisement. Taking advantage of WhatsApp, communications are becoming more and more specific and distinctive between businesses and customers.

Using personalized messages, WhatsApp is a great way to advertise for brands to maximize the benefits of your marketing efforts.

Whatsapp for content and business marketing

whatsapp for business

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WhatsApp for interaction:

WhatsApp can be adopted as a tool to communicate directly with people you already know. You can take advantage of WhatsApp to send images, videos and text messages of new products to your current customers.

The interaction has to be one-on-one, since the audience does not like being part of a WhatsApp group. One-on-one communication makes them feel special and builds customer trust in their brand.

Create mutual communities of like-minded people:

Take the initiative and create WhatsApp groups from different audiences. You can create groups based on your geographic location, interest and demographics. You can also limit the room of your WhatsApp groups, like how many people will be in a group. After completing the process, start sending messages to the group.

WhatsApp to organize people:

WhatsApp is the most favored by users to communicate with people they know. Take advantage of this fact and use WhatsApp to bring people together for a specific cause or event. Invite people to join the event by sending an invitation to WhatsApp and ask them to share it with their WhatsApp group to increase their audience. The more people share the event, the more their audience will grow.

Show product as profile picture:

To advertise your product through WhatsApp, you can send a news alert, but you can improve it by uploading the product image as a profile image and updating the status to provide information about the product. Placing a website URL in the state can also work very well to promote your brand.


Review WhatsApp content.

Before you share an image or video file through WhatsApp, you must ensure that the file size is small so that more users can download the file. Because people are more likely to watch a short video on WhatsApp instead of watching a long video.

The impact of WhatsApp on social media marketing

WhatsApp is really an important part of your online social advertising. Social marketers are always looking for a compelling method to get the attention of their existing customers as well as finding new customers.

This application allows real-time bidirectional communication with the audience that matters most to you and your company. The main goal of WhatsApp marketing is to engage your potential audience. WhatsApp is an easy-to-use and multipurpose application that helps you achieve your business goals.

These are some business goals where WhatsApp can produce great results –


WhatsApp allows its users to create groups to communicate and write anything to a group of people at once without having to send it individually to each user. It is a direct and instant way to send messages and reach your potential customers.

Messages are sent to the user’s mobile, which is really important to sellers and businesses. The message is displayed in a few minutes, since people like to check their phones when any type of notification appears on the screen. Broadcasting can modernize communication with its customers.

You can update the launches of new products and services by sending them instant text and news alerts so the public knows your business.

Drive customer commitment:

Audiences do not like to see a list of promotional emails in their mobile inbox. But WhatsApp is not just advertising about your products and services. You can do much more with WhatsApp, like sending text, images, videos, audio, emoticons, bonuses and GPS location to your audience.

WhatsApp also provides audio and video call functions for better communication. It is mainly based on one-on-one communication that is the prominent method to make your clients happy, raise awareness and ROI.

Low-cost brand management:

Small businesses and local businesses have low budgets for advertising their brand and products on the Internet. WhatsApp works great for this type of business. WhatsApp uses mobile Internet data to send and receive messages. This application is free for one year, after that you need to pay an annual subscription fee of $ 0.99 USD, where other online marketing technologies cost you a lot more money.

Businesses can use WhatsApp to communicate internally or with clients and thus make communication more effective or keep in touch with their current audience. You can resolve your queries through WhatsApp and request comments, comments and testimonials.

Including WhatsApp in your online ad campaigns will help you increase your brand positioning and improve branding.


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