Facebook Fake News To Be Blamed For Trump’s Rise To Power 

​Is Facebook’s “fake news” more in touch with the American public than traditional mainstream media? From the look of things, it seems the rise of trump to power could be blamed on Facebook fake news

Days after the surprise election victory of Donald Trump to the office of the US presidency, one of the running themes in the US mainstream media is that Facebook and the “fake news sites” were responsible for disseminating false information and therefore partially responsible for Trump’s election win.
Forbes released a story captioned “Fake Facebook News Is A Disaster For Political Discourse”.
Washington Post wrote, “Facebook fake-news writer: ‘I think Donald Trump is in the White House because of me’”.
Fortune published “Here’s Why Facebook Is Partly to Blame for the Rise of Donald Trump”.
While much of the coverage and even outrage has been directed toward social media, specifically Facebook, the reality is social media, and even “fake news” might be more in tune with the American electorate than traditional media.

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