Cute Photos Of Electrician Father and Sleepy Son Hits The Web 

​Photos of electrician father and sleepy son spark love online  


Photos of an electrician and his hungry, sleepy son have touched the heart of Chinese netizens as the images quickly grabbed attention after it was posted on China’s Twitter-like Sina Weibo this week.


The photos show an electrician father working outdoors in freezing temperature while his son sits on the sidewalk, quietly asleep and clinging to a box of instant noodles.


According to the official Weibo account of the State Grid Corporation’s Henan branch, where the photos were posted, the boy had to follow his father to work because schools had closed due to heavy snow, and both the parents couldn’t stay at home with him.


In China, there are no government-sponsored nurseries to help take care of the kids while their parents are at work. Although there are some private child care providers, services usually come at a high price.


After seeing the photos, netizens shared their feelings and called for improving welfare for the blue collar workers.


“The government should give more consideration to the working environment and welfare of grassroots workers,”@LayKarWai commented.


“The scene is both distressing and heart-warming; I want to give the boy a warm hug,”@zhoujielundefeiwennanyou said.


“The father has taught the boy an important lesson on dedication – the boy will be a great guy,”@qingtianwawaIIj wrote on Weibo.

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