​Chinese airports swapping boarding passes with ID cards

​Chinese airports swapping boarding passes with ID cards for citizens travelling and visitors 


If you have a Chinese national identity card, your travel is likely to be a little more convenient.


Starting January 1, 2017, Chinese ID cards will substitute printed boarding passes across the country’s airports.


Chinese citizens, and also foreigners who have Chinese IDs, can board their flights after showing their identification document and scanning a QR code. However, there are no details on how seats will be assigned for the flight.


Zhang Baojian, Vice President of International Air Transport Association’s north Asia office, said the move could reduce more than 5,000 check-in counters at airports and save manpower-related expenses. Going paperless could save the airlines at least 1 billion yuan (around 145 million US dollars) per year.


Currently, the law mandates passengers to have a printed boarding pass, which needs to be stamped by customs officials before heading to the boarding gate. But after Jan 1, when the new policy is introduced, passenger information will be stored online and a virtual stamp issued in the system.


While this might be convenient for some, others are wary of the hassles and scrambling to find more information.


“How will I get and remember my gate and my seat number?” asked a user named @-Yuanlaishixiaowanziya-.


Some people were also unclear about how the policy would work for cancellations.


“Reimbursement for trips will still require printed itinerary?” asked @Amaoqishishiyitoumanniu.

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