Why Admysale.com App is a Must Have For You

          Why Admysale.com App is a Must Have For You

sales of garages can be difficult. Selling garages can also be difficult. Buyers and sellers can be far apart. However, one app has gone the extra mile to bring buyers and sellers close and that’s the Admysale mobile application.

The application itself is just around 121MB in size and it’s available on playstore and apple market.

All you have to do is download the application .

How to Use the Application
After downloading the application , you will see a video tutorial on how to run the application .
After watching the 42 minute video which will give you a short but comprehensive outline, you can proceed to  login.

At login you can use Facebook or Google plus to sign up for first time users. I belief every creature in the 21st century have either of the two accounts 😂

The application will probably ask you for location(GPS) and it’s this that will be used to pinpoint your location in other to make garage offers and auctions easier for you.

Sign up and start surfing for garages and setting yours up for auction. With this app, you can
1. Set garage sales
2. Auction 
3. Make Estate Sales 
4. You can add your own sales 
5. You can search for sales 

Furthermore, aution sales and estate sales are also available. This is a great application and I’ll suggest you get it now.

Kindly head to Google Playstore or Apple Playstore to download

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