Phone Explodes While Using It During Charging

Our cell phones are a major part of our daily lives. We cannot do without it in a day. However, there are various risks in which few of us are aware of. A man in his late 20s was going about his duties on a beautiful morning when his phone rang. He rushed over to the charging port where his phone was plugged and picked up the call immediately. However, his greatest mistake was not unplugging it before answering the call. Few minutes later, what was heard was a loud bang as the phone exploded!!! Hopefully, he will recover but not without some grave and possibly permanent injuries to his ear.

phone explodes while charging

This incident re-emphasizes the need for us to never use our phones while it is charging. I am sure you have all noticed that our devices are usually quite hot when plugged. Phones normally produce a lot of heat while charging, combining this with usage could increase that to a highly abnormal temperature which could result in an explosion. This is not something that should be ignored. Firstly, it is plugged to a source of electricity and we do know that there are times when the socket occasionally shocks us when we touch it. How much more a phone that the current goes into?

Some phones are more likely to explode than others. For example, there have been several reports of the iPhone 6 plus exploding in recent times, with the most occurrence being when it’s charging. Few months back, a 12 year old boy was playing games on his phone while it was charging when it suddenly exploded in his face. He had to go through extensive reconstructive surgery on his face.  Apart from the iPhone 6 plus, it has been confirmed by various users that the Samsung galaxy s7 edge explodes as well. The product has however been recalled by the company.

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Samsung S7 Edge Explodes


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Iphone 6 Explodes

In summary, the main point of this post is to emphasize the fact that no matter how much we are in a hurry to answer our phone calls, make sure you unplug it from its charger before going ahead to answer it. Doing so will minimize the possibility of it exploding. Remember, there is no substitute to life.

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