Business Deal Of The Decade – Heaven for R10, 000

Business Deal Of The Decade – Heaven for R10, 000

Heaven is where every religious person wants to be. The rich , the poor, the happy, the sad and most especially the dumb ones are always excited to go to heaven at any cost!

Pastor offers heaven for sale

In our modern society, it’s the whole essence of being religious.

Well, fear no more A pastor from Pietermaritzburg,  Pastor Tony Mlambo from Baptism of Fire ministries, has rest assured his followers that heaven can be arranged for a small price – R10, 000.

However, R10, 000 can only get you far, you will have to upgrade to a R30,000 plan to book a seat with elders like Moses, Jesus and so on

The good news is, the Pastor already has buyers.

One of them said ‘ “I am so happy that the pastor is doing this for us. My family and I would never have had a chance to make into heaven but thanks to him, we are all going to be sitting next to the likes of King Solomon in heaven. Praise God!!”  said a businessman who had come all the way from Durban to pay for 6 VIP tickets for himself and his family

My Take on the Offer – It’s so clear that people are dumb and seriously suffering from religious Miseducation, like I rightly put it in one of my articles, many groups of people are suffering and now , I could only wonder how I listed 7 groups of people suffering only to miss out on Rich people who are suffering as well.

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