Why we are Phone Addicts

Title: The Never Ending Mobile World of Ours: The life of a ‘Phone Addict’

I wake up in the morning and the first thing I reach out for is my phone. That means I am probably an addict but don’t be quick to judge me as I sleep with the lights off(I’m a Nigerian, that’s even if there’s light at all) so I need to check the time. Waking up and reaching for your mobile device seem like what a phone addict will do. Phones are so embedded into our lifestyle that it’s as if we have no power over it.

For some of us, it’s even the phone that will wake us up in the morning thanks to the deafening alarms and vibrations that our mobile devices can deliver. The addiction is our lifestyle, our techy lifestyle.
So at 4am in the morning, our phones serve as our Wristwatch. Or perhaps as our Alarm, that’s two main functions and it’s just 4am in the morning! Are we addicts? Maybe yes but can you blame us? I will say No.

After the alarm, I check my time because I probably need to look for my praying mat afterall am a muslim so, I need to get off the bed and find my mat and there we go again as I will need my phone to serve as a TORCH. Thanks to the powerful LEDS our phones are equipped with, it’s quite easy to use as torch and they are bright enough.

After my morning prayer regardless of whatever religion or maybe no religion as the case may be, I tend to plan my day. But for some of us, the time between 4:30 to 5:30 will be used to check Emails making our devices a little PDA device. After checking my Emails, my phone immediately becomes a newspaper as I will check a few blogs, few newspapers to see whats happening in the world.

After that, I enter my bathroom, put on the shower and this time my phone can rest and I can keep my hands off it but my hands being off it doesn’t mean I won’t use the phone. Some of us prefer to listen to radio or listen to music (actually that’s the only time I feel like am Justin Timberlake). Here again, my device is either a RADIO or WALKMAN!
maybe I am a phone addict but please, don’t be quick to judge.

I come out of the bathroom, dress up, take my meal and by the way, am so glad my phone is not needed for that. But wait! We order for FOOD through phones.
after which we can also call for cabs through phones. In short our lives revolve round phones and we just can’t help it. We are simply addicted to phones.

On way to work inside commercial vehicles we most likely plug our earphones and listen to morning news or music just to while away the time or learn something. In such a way, the phone to us is a lifestyle!
Even at work, we Tweet, we use Facebook , we make calls, we save customers contact and some other 149 things not listed here.

We leave our work at about 4 or 5pm and the same cycle repeats itself the next day and many more of those ‘phone addicting’ days to come!

So maybe our lifestyle is centred around phones, maybe we are addicted to it but as you can see, it’s not our fault! Our phones are doing way too much for us.

Lest I forget, I am writing this on a mobile phone thanks to evernote, my favorite note app and , I will send this to my friend to edit it for me on whatsapp. Our life is simply a mobile one. Our phones have replaced a lot of devices in our daily lives

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Written by Alimi Taiwo Hassan

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