The Motivational and Inspiring Story of Remi Shoyebo (4)

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When I think about a man who sees beyond the moment, I remember Remi. He is unarguably a man who knows how to source for his inspiration at any time. We went further to speak about trying moments and things he could have done if he had his mobility.

Remi said, “sometimes when I am alone, I think that if my condition were different, I could be doing something and this soils my happiness but it doesn’t even matter any more because I have the best of loved ones who put me back on track.”
He reiterated the fact that things didn’t get to him any more because he realized that if he had lived all his life surviving through a condition, he sure had a better chance at making things better for himself.

I also added that such spirit was the best spirit I have  ever seen. Since his trying moments didn’t keep him in a worse state; it can at least make him come strong in achieving his dreams.

“The society is not helping people like me and nobody is doing anything about it,” Remi said

His major inspiration comes from the belief that his determination would make people happy just like it would surprised a host of others at the end of the day. Although, he has the fear of being unable to finish what he started, but with God’s help and his unabated perseverance; he is bound to finish well.

One intriguing aspect of our conversation was when I asked what his plans for the future were.
He said, “I have a plan to make use of every chance I get and to impact in as many lives as possible.”

To wrap our conversation up, I asked him a host of other questions but one thing that surprises me with his personality is that he never let issues weigh him down.

This is best expatiated in the many ways he has been able to make a difference of his condition. I can’t appreciate him enough for giving me the perfect realization that I needed to be courageous and to come out strong at my goals.

The moment I left Remi that day, I realized that I was one of those that Remi planned to make an impact on.

My perspective had changed.

Suddenly, I wanted more from life than doubt and fear.


We hope this story of Remi Shoyebo  inspires greatness in you and we hope it motivates you

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