How To Login and Boost Wireless Security On Router

Wireless Router IP Address

SMC and Belkin are a pair of of the most preferred router makers who use the IP address as a default IP address for their own routers. The particular IP is in the non-public address range based on the IANA under the IETF credibility. Clients most often take advantage of to hook up to the home wireless router to setup the first Net connection, Wi-Fi LAN, or even to modify computer network security options. The actual IP may also be used to resolve network system connection issues and perform some other computer network functions. 

How you can login to your wireless router
To open the router options page you have to launch your current internet browser and enter this IP address in the URL bar. If your IP is correct you’re going to be instructed to enter in a password. Using the default account information you are going to access the router options and change them as you desire. Each and every wireless router has account information. So if you want to access the router configurations page next write in the URL bar of the Web browser and press go.
 If is definitely your router IP address the login window will appear, or, you won’t be allowed to see the sign in window. The Internet protocol address of your router can be totally different. 

Just How Do You Boost Wireless Security?
Getting into the router options page using this IP address is vital if you want to configure the router’s security features and that is the first thing you have to do after you set up your router. A number of network owners or supervisors may refrain from setting up the security of their network system in a hurry to get on the internet. This leaves the computer network and computer network users in danger completely. Setting up the basic security preferences of your router is not going to take a lot of your valuable times and may help you save time and nerves if somebody tries to gain unwanted entry to your own network. 

Step 1 –  

Sign in to your Belkin as well as SMC wireless router configuration panel using the Internet protocol address. If somehow you decided not to alter the router username and password, it is the first thing you need to do. According to this will protect ability to access your home network wireless router against those who may be able to get actual accessibility to the router. 

Step 2 – Make sure to come up with a exclusive name for the computer network. The default computer network names for wireless router manufacturers is known and could be used to target fresh or unlocked networks by these searching for totally free access. If you’ve got the option to conceal the SSID, please check out this option. 

Step 3 – Turn Wi-Fi security on. WPA and WPA2 can be a preferred security standard to choose with WEP as the broadly supported legacy type. Once picked, enter a difficult to remember username and password for the network system. Ensure the security password is made of letters, numbers and specialized characters if possible. 

Step 4 – Enable MAC address filtering in case you have only a few units required to get connected to the network system and wish to add a second layer of security. MAC addresses are unique to every unit and this option will need a while to setup. A mix of MAC address filtering and wireless security is a terrific layer of security that may make you sure no person will get into your network. 

Step 5 – If the router has a built in firewall, it is advised to use it. Windows based computers have client firewalls which is advised to permit them. Each one of these steps will let you raise the security of the computer network and stop others from accessing your computer network with no approval.

A guest post written by Alimi T. H

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