7 Lessons to Note From Zuckerberg’s Visit To Nigeria

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a surprise visit to Nigeria. Personally, I was expecting it. It’s was a surprise  package. 
Lessons learned : 
1.) He didn’t blow a trumpet 
After all, he’s not a typical Nigerian politician.  He’s not here to make a noise or for some political campaign. He’s simply here because he cares. Maybe it’s for security reasons (which I doubt) or just because of his nature, he arrived in a modest manner 
2.) Modesty
Considering the fact that he’s the world’s 7th richest man, you’ll expect him to come in the biggest private jet, a $100000 Rolex and a $50000 dress but everything about him was on the opposite. I only wish we can take a lesson from him 
3.) Humility 
Many of our own politicians or pastors won’t even walk without bodyguards or heavy security man. But Mark Zuckerberg was different, you will probably not even know he’s a rich man

4.) He came to Learn
When such a great man like Zuckerberg says he’s here to learn in Nigeria, it will probably amaze you but that’s exactly what he said in his facebook post

Reason for Mark Zuckerberg Visit to Nigeria

5.) He came to Help
His first stop was at CCHub in yaba, for a man like Mark Zuckerberg to visit upcoming developers, no morale booster can have a better effect. It’s truly a blessing. 
6.) He came to Meet Nigerians 
In a country where people blow and take the first bus out of the country, a white man has came to visit us and this time not with a Bible, a Qu’ran or a slave ship

Zuckerberg meets Blessing, A Nigerian

7.) Business 
Mark is a business man and of course, his visit here has been rumored to have a business angle but whatever it is, it will benefit Nigeria as much as it will benefit him
It’s such a blessing and I hope the world is watching and they can that Nigeria is a peaceful country. 
What’s your take on the visit? 

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