5 Make Up Artists Lawyers Should Sue for Beauty Fraud

5 Make Up Artists Lawyers Should Sue for Beauty Fraud

Make over business is getting buoyant all over the world. For ladies, it’s far more important but for men, I could say less. Some make ups are such a complete transformation that I could only invite lawyers in to sue for impersonation (just for laughs) 
Without much talk, these are the best 5 Make Up photos worthy of Legal attention. 
1.)The Wedding Photo 
If there’s a day every woman wants to look good, it’s on their wedding day. A makeover artist is however capable of making this a dream come true. This was such a complete transformation that any lawyer would take the case up pro bono. 

2.) The Ex-albino 
Did I say albino? Apparently, no one is an albino it’s just a question of make up. With the makeover here, it’s almost impossible to recognize the woman. Am sure if a lawyer should date this woman without taking her for a shower, they will both end up in court for one reason or the other. 

3.) Scarface
Ya, She got scars the type makeups can hide! This work of art didn’t just make her pretty. It completely hid the scars on her face. Just in case you need to hide a tribal mark, a sore or even a gun on your face… you know who to call

4.) Black is Beautiful 
Hell ya. With makeup of course. Just kidding, we blacks are always beautiful. She just need a little make up work here. And yes, I love the final work. 
Seems fraudulent to look so beautiful with make up though but that’s what makeovers are all about ain’t it? I wonder what will happen when a lawyer find out lol

5.) Smeagol 
Finally, a man makes the list! This one is a paint job but who cares? Even smeagol got a nice make up here. And he’s looking prettier than Kim Kardashian. For the record, do you know the director of Lord of The Rings got sued over a million times for this amazing work of art? Am just kidding lol

Which one is your favorite? Which make up looks the best? Just for the phone. Women are truly amazing! The brain behind these nice makeovers deserve a day in court.

Lawyers, are you ready? Lol

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