The Motivational and Inspiring Story of Remi Shoyebo (3)


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Touching story of Remi Shoyebo
Remi Shoyebo 

As if Remi knew what I was thinking about, he said, “I know you might want to ask how I managed to write my G. C. E despite having no secondary education but I did have a private tutor for two years.  I must commend his efforts because he was extraordinarily good…”

As Remi pointed this out, I had begun to envisage the intimacy he must have had with his private tutor.

“He died “ Remi suddenly added, his voice a reflection of sadness and something else – I couldn’t figure that out.

The countenance on my face became sober as I expressed my unreserved sympathy. For Remi, whose motivation has always been vested in himself and the knowledge that he can achieve his goals since his passion was in it, he said, “I thank God for a caring family and of course my friends, they understand me and this is the best feeling ever. I love them to the bones. “

There it was; another significant part of his life that reflected how much he had been encouraged by others and the enduring happiness that he felt as he grew up with them.

To be candid, after a while, I wanted to know if this man had troubling times, emotional moments or times that he was just fed up with life. While talking about his frustrating moments, Remi said, “My frustrating moments were quite a number. In this country where nobody likes to be stressed, when you finally decide to do something for yourself; you still find people who try hard to frustrate you. This on its own kills the zeal in you.”

He went further to add that there are times when he felt like giving up after considering how his condition was affecting his loved ones.

I came to terms with his obvious narration. As humans generally, it gets all frustrating and tiring when you have plans to do something that would make others appreciate your potential but rather than people appreciating this, they try to make you feel lame about your plans. This is a challenge most times, especially when you have a condition. People tend to see it as a reason to look down on you. I was ready to accept this truth since I was a part of the society that propagated and continued to promote the idea.

Afterwards, we both joked about different situations and the major one was about those times when people kept a stare at him, especially kids. One would naturally expect that he might be infuriated with this but to my utmost surprise he said, “I just wink at them and give a warm smile. If I were asked what the most important thing in every situation is, I would say it is to keep a smiling face no matter what the case may be.”

We discussed work and how he had been coping with it. It was only then that I realised that Remi is an Event Manager. I was ultimately curious and he obliged me by explaining that being an Event Manager was always his passion; he had always nurtured the idea of managing big events even right from his childhood days but there was really no much hope for such dream then, because most of what he did were through the help of loved ones and the term “opportunity” was a vague concept…..

To be continued…..

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