Self Improvement Tips (3) – Easy Ways To Be a Better Person

This is a continuation of the self improvement tips(how to be a better person) I discussed earlier on. I have the third installment here and there is more to come. Let’s go straight to point. 

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self improvement tips. Easy ways to be better
  • Start a Business
First of all, not everybody will make a great businessman. But how do you know if you don’t make an attempt? Many of us are so scared of failure like it’s such a bad thing and we think if we did not try something then we are not a failure at it but nothing could be more wrong!  If you’ve never tried something before, you’ve automatically failed without learning any lesson from it. 
I’ve tried many businesses from cloth selling, coaching, gadgets marketing and I even tried selling foodstuffs. I’ve failed at so many things that i can’t even remember them all but the good news is, I’ve also learned a few lessons from all my failures. 

  • Be kind and Generous
Be generous, be kind and do to people what you expect from them. This is the major philosophy behind most world religion. Like I discussed in one of my earlier writings, you’re what you attracts. If you are kind, it’s only normal that people will be nice to you. Even the bible says you can’t reap what you didn’t sow. 
On the other way, if you’re evil and unkind you will meet more of your kind in life. You will see unkind people, evil people everywhere. Trust me, karma is a bitch! 
Meanwhile, you can also get gifts for your friends and family. Click here -Follow these tips and ask yourself a few questions before doing so.

  • Take breaks and Holiday
Maybe at work we often think the weight of the world rests on our shoulders, while we might actually have huge responsibilities at hand but we should try and take breaks. There is a need for breaks, to reward ourselves, to relax and enjoy the fruits of our labour. Like it’s stated in some of my previous blogs ,it’s good to take breaks, enjoy and do something else, get a good hobby, clear your mind who knows maybe you will even see a new perspective to life that will help you in your work. Then again, if you are single or free, it is a good reason to travel wide and experience new things
After every accomplishment at work, we should endeavor to reward yourself. It’s a way of appreciating our own success, our efforts and to encourage us to do better. 

  • Watch Good Movies
In a dominated with media like music and movies which takes most of our time, is it not important to watch something that can inspire and aspire us to lead better lives. 
To be clear, no movie is a waste! All genres have different purpose but the ultimate goals of most movies is to entertain. However, some movies take it to another level and show us what life’s like. It’s clear that the impacts of the movies we see is not a small one, it can even be said that we are what we watch. I watch movies/videos on my android device or on my laptops.

The movies i will recommend include:
The Good Wife : It tells the story of a woman who lost everything, struggled her way back up only to lose everything again. Life can be mean and this movie will prepare your mind for what the world truly is – A boxing ring. 

Breaking Bad : A man desperate can do anything for his family. This movie discuss family life as it truly is. What a man will do to make ends meet for his family! 

Billions : This movie is about billionaires. Since it’s all who we want to be one it’s normal we take a look at their lives and trust me what you’ll see will surprise you. It’s not all easy. 

Good movies can inspire us in ways we can’t even comprehend without sacrificing the entertainment purpose. Why not kill two birds with one stone? 

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Written by Alimi Taiwo Hassan for Wikeria
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