4 Steps To a Better You(Self improvement Tips 2)

Earlier ago, I discussed few self improvement tips that we can all benefit from and make us better. They’ve helped and am sure they can help you too. The list is much and that explains why there is a part one, a part two and there will probably be a third installment. Self improvement is a wide topic and I’ve decided to add tips that works for me. I will not only write or discuss them, i will set practical examples of how they’ve worked for me or my friends.

Let’s get it started.

  1. Know your weak points

Even in most interviews, most interviewers are interested in knowing your weak points. And they also want to know how you’ve been working on it. The first question you should ask now is ‘what are my weak points’? Knowing your weak points can help you in becoming a better version of yourself. For me, before my weak point includes
  • Inability to deliver public speeches
  • I stammer
  • I argue too much
  • Laziness
I started working on myself on my stammering at a very young age and i was able to conquer my speech problem, I don’t stammer again. On public speeches, I get books on it and read through it, instead of running away from public speeches I gave it more try and now am far better that i was. On arguments, well that’s something i seem to enjoy too well, I’ve reduced it but it’s still a work in progress ☺. On Laziness, well i just bury myself in more works and set feasible deadlines. So far, it’s working.

    2.) Get feedbacks

Whether it’s about you or your business, feedbacks are an important tool. Unfortunately people don’t use this often. But many businesses often take the advantage of it to improve. When you use a playstore app for a month, the request you will see is, ‘leave a feedback’. Everybody wants to improve and feedbacks are the best for that.
As a part-time teacher, every time I deliver a speech or a lecture i often ask my students to ask questions, then I will ask them how was it just to know my own performance and what to improve on. Questionnaires, suggestion box are other ways of getting feedbacks.

    3.Quit a bad habit
Habits are established customs, they are the things we do even without knowing we are doing it at times. Humans are creations of habit and unfortunately, our habits determines what and who we become. What’s more unfortunate is the fact that many people have bad habits, and they have been trying so hard to overcome it.

Here, we are more focused on the bad habits like:
  • Overspending 
  • Fidgeting
  • Drugs
  • Smoking
Just to cite a few . These habits can be difficult to quit but it’s  necessary to quit them for us to move forward. 

    4.Learn public speaking
I remember the first time i tried public speaking, it was a mess. I was in secondary school and i was to campaign for the post of the library prefect. Well, it was a big mess. On the podium i was fidgeting and my voice shaking. It was a nightmare but ever since I’ve learned to work on this weakness and I can tell you am a great speaker now. 
To make it in life we will have to be able to speak well in the public, talking to crowds is very important. 
What i did was to seek help from books related to this and i practiced more. Public speaking requires practice and composure. 
There are many things we can do to improve in our daily if only we are ready to.

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Written by Alimi Taiwo Hassan for Wikeria

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