3 Questions To Ask Before Getting Gifts For People

One thing most of us often neglect is the generous act of appreciating people through gifts. For many of us, we think a gift is too small and the people we’re buying for, we think they are too big to appreciate it. So, we end up not buying anything and not buying anything, not giving our loved ones any gift is the worst kind of gift possible. A penny gift may seem too small but it’s still better than nothing.

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Either with parents, workers, lovers, we are all in a relationship that can be strengthened through gifts. People appreciate gifts a lot and it’s one of the best possible ways we can surprise them. 

How much of a gift should I get? 
The price of gift is often the biggest challenge we face while planning a gift for our loved ones. When i was young, I do think i must save big to buy something nice for my parents. I was wrong, really wrong. I sent a dollar recharge card to my parents, I was so ashamed, I even called to apologize 😂 but to my astonishment, they were so happy and blessing me and i was amazed. The message is simple, no gift is too small! Whether it’s something for your girlfriend ( or if you are single lol, doesn’t matter), boyfriend, mummy, daddy, granny, nothing is too small. 

Who should i get the gift for?
This is no brainer. It’s simple, anybody can deserve your gift. But mostly anybody who has given you something before deserves a gift also. Anybody dear to you even if you’re not romantically involved can get you something nice. Why not return the favour?
You can also buy gifts for your parents, they deserve that more than anybody. 
The last group and often the most common people we buy gifts for is our loved ones, most especially 

What to get?
The choice of what to buy is personal and dependent on who you’re buying for. You won’t want to buy a condom for a reverend father, or neither will you buy a racket for a football player. Like i said, it depends on who you’re buying for. Some will like alcoholic wines while many won’t. 
You can buy wristwatches, shoes, phones like Gionee M5, Gionee M5 mini, Infinix Hot Note, Infinix Zero or Infinix Hot for people. This is something we all use. 

Appreciating people through gifts is a very good thing , something we all should do often. 

Written by Alimi Taiwo Hassan for Wikeria
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