Things are bad. Well, we deserve worse!

extreme heat makes a man to sleep in tub
A night in the tub just to avoid the heat

You probably take a look at the topic of this post and you wonder why I’ve chosen such a seemingly wicked topic for a post. Well, i mean every part of it. We are without electricity, without fuel, poor water supply, things are expensive and more of the over 149 things that makes life easy are not in our country. Whether God is working on it or not is a question I’ve asked in my earlier post.

We are suffering but we don’t act it, we are pains but we don’t act it, the whole world is watching but are we seeking for any help? We suffer in silence, alone!

An average Nigerian would rather tweet on irrelevancies like football, music and celebrities all day but they will not talk the talk that matters. It makes me think that Nigerians deserve to suffer.

Many state governments are not paying full salaries (some states are paying half salaries), many ain’t even paying at all and Nigerian workers are so silent and calm about it. Fuel is at N250(from N86) and it’s almost as if Buhari is not abreast of the situation as he’s often out of the country, he’s more of a tourist! Nearly everything is expensive (thanks to Naira devaluation), and every Nigerian moves on like nothing’s changed.

An average Nigerian is more pressed about the happenings in the United States, France or in Britain than what’s happening in our own backyards. They will rather agitate for gay laws in America or sympathize with France, but our own backyard is in a mess.

Nigerians should wake up and learn from their close neighbours, the Ghanaians! The Ghanaians took the ‘dumsor’ jihad everywhere. One the streets, in Government houses and on social media so much that their leaders had no where to hide and now, electricity is better.

Nigerians should wake up, stand for themselves maybe it’s then our leaders and our God/gods will hear us and solve our hydra-headed problems.

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