The headache with Nigerian Weddings

A wedding celebration In Nigeria

A Nigerian White Wedding

Wedding bells should be a thing of utmost joy for couples in Africa and other parts of the world but not any longer, wedding as it seems now is just another avenue for wasteful spending. 

Nearly everybody who participates in wedding bears the burden of the ceremony. From the bride’s family, to the groom’s family, the couples and to the participants.
But is the sole aim of marriage just for the merriment? Marriage itself is the union of a man and a woman(or perhaps a man and a man or a woman and a woman) whereas Wedding is just a celebration of the occasion such that it is safe to say that marriage lasts forever while a wedding is Just for a day!

Apparently,  many women won’t agree as it is always a woman’s dream to appear their best on their wedding days and they always want the best wedding in the world irrespective of the financial consequences. Another problem is that the society agrees with them, after all they won’t bear half as much as the couples. At most a transport token and maybe the ‘aso ebi’ is all the wedding will cost them.

The financial implications of African weddings can be so huge that it often put couples and their family members in debt. In fact, if the energy and money spent on weddings could be channeled elsewhere, maybe things would be better in Africa or perhaps maybe couples would have invested on more fruitful adventures but instead the money goes to waste

As a man who has attended and witnessed many weddings myself, i often ask if couples think about it, that is, diverting the money to other things, or focusing the energy and devotion to better things or if women in particular think about a life after the wedding day!

Am not apportioning all blames to women here, it is most women’s fairy dream to have the best marriage ever, and every human being irrespective of sex loves great things. The society has not helped either as most people think that not displaying affluence on wedding day is a sign of poverty and they couldn’t be more wrong.

I would suggest that marriage should focus more on union before God and less on union before men(in this sense i mean the society). Couples should plan for their journey together in life and focus on building a solid foundation with the money that could be spent on weddings. Won’t that be a good change in Nigeria?
Perhaps the millions of money lavished on weddings can be channeled to help build Nigeria.

What do you think? Is the spending on marriages really neccesary?

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