The Art of Listening(how to be a good listener)

listening with ears to hear and be a good listener
Listening to hear

Listening can be described as a watch established for the reception of traffic of interest to the unit maintaining the watch.

According to the Oxford Advance American Dictionary, a Listener is someone who can rely on to listen with attention or sympathy.
A lot of people(knowingly or unknowingly) are terrible listeners. They tend to have their minds either far away to alternate universe or are bent on doing things their ways alone aka One way traffic. They attach little or no importance to what you have to say on vital issues. This act hurts more than they can imagine to the other party but they are oblivion to it. A good listener is one who takes a few minutes from their busy time to pay concrete attention to what you have to say even if you are wrong just to show you that your opinions matter. From several research carried out, it was discovered that this act either makes or break a relationship – with your spouse, parents, wards, Course mates, in-laws, and what have you.
Although it is a concluded fact that the act could be as a result of tiredness, distractions, assumptions, or wrong timing from either party which might not sit well with the next. Most times, this ‘simple’ act has hurt a lot of people more than they would like to admit and at times, one should be wary of his surroundings in other to avoid not being heard. Other ways of improving is by:
  • Giving complete attention to the speaker irrespective of their age, contrary opinions shared
  • As a speaker, it is advice able to speak one at a time so the listener can digest and fully comprehend your message.
  • Ask questions for clarity: it is good to ask when a message vague. Communication is vital and it cannot occur till both parties are fully aware of situations. This will enable the speaker get a feedback from the listener. Feedback is very essential.
  • Lastly, before you as a speaker can talk to the listener, you can ask if it’s okay to speak at the time or just wait till later when the person would be in the right Frame of mind with that, a good communication can be established.
    Listening well can help us to forge better relationships not just with our loved ones but with our friends and families.
                                  Written by Jumai IretiAyoAde for

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