How To Be a Good Reader – 5 Tips For You

Reading can be a leisure for most of us and it can also be a way to acquire wealth of information. However, many of us find it so difficult to read and that’s what I will discuss here. Am writing out tips on how to read more.

reading a book on how to be a good lady
How to be a good lady book


 It’s often said that readers are leaders. The wealth of information we can find on the internet and in books are enormous. Unfortunately, many find it difficult to read, understand or stay focused during the process. Nowadays, people don’t find it easy to create time for reading.


 To be motivated into reading, you must find books that interests you! Find books that interests you and get many of them. When you do that, you will create time for leisure reading


Another secret to reading more books is through the help of audio books. Audio books offer more advantages over eBooks.  You can listen to audio books while you go jogging, while you’re washing and so on. Audio books can also help you to relax and it can also help your accent, pronunciation and spoken English or whatever language you are listening to.


Since there is little time to pick up books or to decide on what to read or not, it is better at times to read book summaries. They are available
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Some of us are slow readers and that’s no secret. However, we can improve our reading skills so as to cover more pages and read more books in a short period of time. Speed reading needs practice and skills while i will discuss in subsequent blogs. In a world where there are many things to read, we need to learn how to read fast. Sometimes, all we need is a scan through our documents.

Reading has become a necessity for all of us. Do you have more tips to share? Drop them in your comments. 

Written by Alimi Taiwo Hassan for Wikeria

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