Getting a tattoo? Five Tips To Follow

Getting a tattoo nowadays is like getting married because erasing a tattoo is more like getting a divorce. I’ve not been there but something tells me it’s not easy. At least, from all known indications. 
Getting a tattoo requires and deserves a deep thought. Many people rush into it and later regret it. I will discuss what you need to do before getting an ink in this blog post. 
Think before you Ink: This saying is as old as tattoo itself. Why get a tattoo when you’re not fully aware of it’s implications? And mostly the choice of what to tattoo can be a complicated one. But the point is this, before you think of getting an ink, think well about it and know the implications of your choice.
Health risks:
It’s not so serious especially with the advances in tattoo technology tattoos are far more safer now. 
Nonetheless, health risks is still a concern. Some skins react, some tattoo procedures are not clean or good enough and contaminated equipment can cause skin infections, keloids,  bumps, bloodborne diseases only to mention a few. 
Societal Views
Maybe in the west tattoos are a sign of affluence or courage or fashion but in some other parts of the world or in religious conscious environments that’s not the case. Tattoos are often associated with immature teens, irresponsible adults, people that are untrustworthy and so on. 
In Nigeria, you won’t get many jobs if you have a full scale tattoo on your face. 
On beauty
Tattoos can make you look good. But it can also disfigure your skin so bad and when you’re wrong inked you won’t like yourself. If you’re getting inked, consult a specialist. The money spent is worth it. 
David Beckham Tattoo regrets awaiting?
Time is our biggest enemy on Earth. And the same applies to tattoos. You don’t want to tattoo a full size picture of iPhone 6 on your skin when iPhone 7 will be out next year. People often tattoo a name or picture of loved ones but what happens when you’re not in love again? Your new lover will definitely not be happy to see your ex-wife or ex-girlfriend’s name on your chest! Many tattoos becomes outdated real quick so it’s better to go for something that defeats time. 
For example a name of your parents, a name of your kid or his picture and so on.
Some people are suffering from tattoo addiction and they don’t even know it. People like Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross, Marcus Rojo, Lil Wayne are tattoo addicts. Many people gets the ink like it’s a medication. Trust me, you don’t want this. 
What’s your take on getting tattoos? Drop your comments! 

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