Fitness Issues in the Rural parts of Nigeria

Fitness seems like an alien act for people in rural parts of the world and Nigeria is not an exception. Most men and women think it’s their lifetime goal to get older then fatter. Speaking with an average Nigerian in a rural part of the country you will often hear things like :

-I’ve given birth to five kids, if am not fat, who should?
-I’m fat because i gave birth to twins
-Big belly is a sign of good living and nutrition

Just to cite a few examples and when you read through this, you will realise that most women are not conscious of their body after marriage and as for men, they often think a pot belly is a thing of pride!

This begs the question, ‘is it our culture ‘? Is healthy living and fitness not part of who we are? Or perhaps it is our recent change of lifestyle that has invited this. My grandfather still looks sharp at over 90 years of age, while many men in rural (and even urban) parts of this country have pot bellies starting from 40 and above.

Our lives has become easier thanks to cars, elevators and so on. Farming has reduced and more people have become sedentary. Another cause is due to the fact that most of us not live on junks contrary to what our ancestors eat so it is safe to assume that this lifestyle is alien to our culture.

As a sportsman myself ,Ii wake up early in the morning to jog and people often ask me why I do this. To them, am fit, no pot belly, an admirable chest width and packs of steel just to say a little about myself. So they wonder why I workout. I often tell them, ‘must i wait till am as fat as Yokozuna’?

While we can blame the government for all our woes, we can’t blame them for this. We need a paradigm shift. Fitness is not just for people who are not fit, it should be for everybody. We need an healthy lifestyle, we need to look good and married women should endeavor to keep their good shape. Even couples that are not fit will not enjoy good sex.

To enable us to keep a healthy lifestyle , i will suggest the following,

– We eat healthy foods and reduce junks.- Eating a good food which comprises mostly fruits, beverages,vegetable and whole grains is just the right way to go. Unfortunately, some of these can be expensive to get in some parts of Africa.

-Register at a gym; To register at a gym is not a big deal. For some gyms it is not so expensive and many are close to our homes.

-Work out from home : Cardios, aerobics, squatting are some of the easy ways to keep fit right from the comfort of our homes and it cost little or nothing.

-Find a new sport hobby e.g Tennis, Squash etc. Hobbies are the easiest ways to keep fit. It involves doing something you love and getting the benefits of a good exercise all along.

-Drink more water : Water is perhaps the world most underrated liquid. Drinking enough water can help burn unnecessary fats. Click here for reasons why you should take more water.

With these i believe we can maintain good Fitness and Healthy lifestyle.

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