A case for Pornography

A first look on the topic on pornography will probably cause a resentment among many humans. It’s more like pornography is an evil greater than murder itself(at least what most people of the Abrahimic faith believe)

Mostly, it seems more like pornography is alien to any culture or religion, more like a taboo! 
To make things clear, pornography as used in this article relates to images, videos or written books showing naked people or describing sex in a way to arouse sexual excitement or to educate on sex. More emphasis will placed on the part where pornography educates on sex
However, pornographic contents all across the world are getting mad love. Despite the social outlook and religious bias, porno videos, arts, write-ups, and websites are getting serious hits and traffic which often begs the question, ‘if everyone is who they all claim to be, who are those clicking on the pornographic contents’! 
Anything related to sexual issue are often not treated or considered at all. They are often excluded from all kinds of discussion, even mother to daughter or father to son discussions which are often expected to deliver much light on the case of sexual enlightenment. 
The society has refused to give educative information on sex, religious clergies don’t discuss it often and when they do so, it’s often for adults who do not have much need for it,  parents are unwilling or shy to talk on the issue of sex with their offsprings. This often make pornography(of all forms)  the only way out for young ones in need of interest in the topic. 
It often amazes me how many pornographic sites gets serious traffics and how books on it sell so much despite the religious  outcry or the public pretense. This makes one thing clear, the society (especially parents) needs to educate their kids more on cases relating to sex.
Excess pornography itself can be bad and should be discouraged but if this is the only way our kids get to know about sex, why not? 
What are your Views on pornography? Drop your comments and share this post for sex education awareness. 

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