7 Battery Tips for Laptops

An average laptop lasts for 2 hour 30 minutes on battery power and some laptops even doesn’t last up to that. So the question is how do we manage the power on our laptop batteries? How do we make our batteries last longer and how do we keep them in good shape for years to come?

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The following tips will keep your laptop battery longer and healthier

1.) Calibration is hugely discussed here and there and many people don’t even know what it entails. Calibration helps to ensure that our battery charge and discharge time run optimally. This is of great use to your battery meter as it helps in calculating charge up and discharge time.
To calibrate your battery, just charge it to 100 percent and discharge it to 4 percent or less afterwords. I got this tip from an hp laptop manual and it works magic.

2.) Shutdown Completely : Well if you have a work in progress on your PC you can decide to hibernate or perhaps sleep but if not a shut down is most appropriate. Standby consumes power and a sleep or hibernation will serve the same purpose

3.) Remove External Devices : If you’re not using them, simply remove them. Our PC comes with many external ports like HDMI, USB ports (2 or more) if you connect any device that you’re not using remove them. They draw energy from the computer so it’s best to remove them if they are not in use

4.) Use Certified Charger : Laptop batteries are current and ampere sensitive. Some chargers will not even work well with your computers. Some chargers can damage your laptop batteries

5.) Close Apps that are not In Use : If you have any app that you’re on using at any moment. Just close it. It saves you battery and RAM.
In most cases just 10 apps are what we use mostly in a day

6.) Keep your Batteries And Computer in Cool Places : Heat is nit good for your computers and their batteries. Computers don’t do well in hot environment ( a reason why most have inner fans to cool their processors) and their batteries even have a lower threshold for heat. What’s more, heat increases the rate at which a battery deteriorates and discharges.

6.) Keep your Batteries away from Water : Water is bad for most electrical appliances in general and your system in not in any way different.

7.) Laptop Settings: You can use softwares like tuneup utilities to set your computer to a battery economy mode or you can just use your system battery menu on the task bar to adjust the settings. Most operating system are equipped with this function.

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