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The way we live our life and our daily routine can have effect on our health both physically and mentally. Studies have shown that smoking, drinking too much alcohol and not eating right can deteriorate our body physically that it may shorten one’s life span. Recent studies had deduces that a combination of those lifestyle can reduce lifespan by 12 years.

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Now the lifestyle we choose or the way we choose not to live can affect our lifestyle and we have to consciously cultivate some habit so in time they become part of us and become a subconscious habit.
There are some few habit one has to start to imbibe in our lifestyle till they become part of our daily routine so as to improve the quality of our life:

Regular exercise: while it may not be possible to exercise every day, it is proper that we draw a routine for exercising. Set days of the week out to carry out intense exercise, like take 3 to 4 days a week, if you can’t get the necessary equipment or you are not comfortable with routine floor exercise you can register in a gym and program your time in a way to find time to visit the gym. It is also advisable when feeling stressed or tension that you take a run or long walk as it helps relaxes your muscles.

Take at least eight cups of water daily: some people have the habit of not drinking enough water. Water not only quench taste but it helps in digesting food properly, cleaning the body system and it made up a large percentage of our body system. Some drinking water can be a healthy habit and can prevent some diseases.

Avoid too much intake of alcohol: while alcohol can be regarded as one of life social norms, it is advisable to reduce intake of alcohol to minimal as possible. Apart from alcohol causing imbalance and uncontrolled behavior, it has a long term effect on health when consumed in much quantity regularly. Alcohol has a long term effect of weakening the immune system and causes some brain damaged disease, kidney diseases and urinal diseases.

Regular hospital checkup:
it is advisable to go for regular hospital checkup at least once a year to keep tab on your body system. Apart from checking for effect on your health, it also help keep tab of your health improvement to act fast in any case or sign of an impending ailment. A proper records of your health can also be helpful in cases of emergency as records can easily be ascertain for proper analyses

Take a vacation:
once awhile take vacation away from work, it is advisable to travel far from your workplace as possible and enjoy new experience. This is good mentally and physically as it help to replenish the mind and body.

Take fruits and vegetables: fruit are vegetable helps build the body system and we should make it a habit to add them to our daily meal. They help build our immune system as they contain vitamins and some body building elements

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