On the Akoko-Abuja road

Road blocks in the famous Iwaro-Akoko to Abuja road and a lot of questions has been asked. So far it seems the right people (government both State and Federal)  are not listening. For most travelers from Ondo to Abuja, the Akoko-Abuja is the best possible route and the reasons :

an overloaded truck stuck on the Iwaro-akoko to Abuja road.
-It is a shorter distance and
– it is direct

– the road is relatively better than other routes
However traveling on this road is like threading on a life wire because:
-Poor roads : The roads on on this route are badly built and some are full of potholes everywhere . What’s more, the roads are poorly maintained and that’s if they are maintained at all by the government
-The heavy trucks : The heavy trucks on the road are a main headaches. For one, many heavy truck drivers are not fit enough (psychologically) to drive . And the heavy trucks have greatly contributed to the damage of the roads. Many trucks carry more than the limit they should.
The Slope : The slope is terrible for trucks. Many of the hills is an ascending one. Trucks find it difficult to climb it. Especially those that are overloaded. Sometimes this can cause accident if the trailers are unable to steer the road well and the smaller cars and humans suffer these terrific consequences. 
The Aftermath
As expected, it is the average and innocent civilian that is mostly affected. Accidents occurs in weekly basis. Sometimes, twice or thrice in a week. In fact, two accidents happened twice this week already! And from the way things are, unless the road block is permanent (which will not be) i don’t see accidents not happening.
Furthermore, the heavy-duty trucks causes serious traffic on the Akoko-Abuja buja road
The Roadblock
The youths in Iwaro-Akoko had to respond to an incident that happened sometimes ago. A truck crashed into a house claiming the life of a man ( and this is not just happening for the first time ) so the youths responded by creating a roadblock to prevent heavy-duty trucks from passing through the place but this doesn’t hold for long. A week later trucks started passing the area again.
Possible Solutions
One thing is clear, they can’t stop heavy-duty trucks from passing through the road. Akoko need the trucks. Goods and petroleum are supplied to the area of Akoko thanks to these trucks. So it is only convenient that we look forward to an alternative solution 
I suggest the following solutions :
1.) All trucks that are to pass our roads should be probably maintained
2.) Overloading is common in heavy-duty trucks. FRSC officials should see to it that trucks don’t overload.
3.) Rails and train should be introduced to assist in transportation 
4.)Serious psych evaluation for truck drivers should be made compulsory
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