10 reasons why you should Take Okro Daily

Okra, botanically called Hibiscus Esculentus or Abelmoschus Esculentus is a common plant across the world. It is common in West Africa. The Yoruba people of West Africa call it ‘Ila’ in Igbo language in the same Nigeria it is called Okuru from where its English name originated. It is also called gumbo, bamia or lady’s finger.
Okra is served as a soup ( called Ila in Yoruba) and it’s also used to thicken soups. 
An Okra and a seller in akungba akoko, nigeria
Okra being sold at Akungba Market (Okusa Market)
Okra is nutritional and should be consumed for the following reasons 
1.) Good source of Dietary Fibres:
This helps to stabilize blood sugars by regulating the amount of sugar absorbed by the intestine. This is good for weight reduction and a good diet for people with diabetes(Okra has low calories) . For patients with diabetes, okra is a must. The fibres in okra includes pectin(which is soluble) which helps in elimination of wastes in the intestine.
2.) Rich in proteins :
Okra is very rich in amino acids like tryptophan, cysteine and lysine
3.) High and Diverse Mineral composition : Sodium, Calcium, Potassium, manganese, magnesium and many other minerals have been reported to be present in okra.
3.) Rich in Unsaturated Oils:
Okra has high contents of linoliec acids up to 47.4% which are exactly the right oils for the body. It also helps to lower bad cholesterols which can cause atherosclerosis . Okra doesn’t have any saturated oil or cholesterol.
4.) High antioxidant activity:
The antioxidants present in this food helps to boost our immune systems. The magnesium  iron, calcium minerals present also help to destroy harmful free radicals . Several antioxidants present in okra includes beta-carotene, xanthine and lutein. Antioxidants also help to prevent various forms of cancer
5.) Great source of Vitamins:
e.g Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C,  Vitamin K ( good for blood clotting and strengthening bones) . Some of these vitamins are immune booster, fights diseases, and are good for our eyes. Many Vitamin B groups like niacin, pantothenic acid and pyridoxine are also present in Okra. It also has folates( folic acid) which is good for pregnant women as it can prevent birth defects and folates is also good for the lungs. Vitamin C is also prevents cold and catarrh
6.) Aids digestion:
The fibres present in okra helps bowel movement . It also helps to increase stool bulk and reduce toxins in the digestive tract. The insoluble fibres present in okra helps to reduce the risk of colon cancer. So please, take more of Okra you might just be saving yourself. It also relieves constipation
6.) Cleanser for Stomach and Colon:
Inhibits the cultures of bacteria in the stomach and colon. More so, it also helps to neutralize acids in the tracts thus, it can cure ulcer. Furthermore, the fibres in okra also helps to feed beneficial gut bacteria (probiotics)  and also help to maintain the pH of the digestive tract.
7.) It promotes healthy skin and blood:
This is as a result of the many amino acids, vitamins and minerals that are present in okra. The vitamins present in okra can also prevent acne and skin pigmentation . The vitamin A present in okra is especially good for our skin.
8.) Good for the heart:
Okra is rich in fibres and pectin which helps to reduce bad cholesterols which are harmful to our health. Like i said it can reduce the risk of atherosclerosis
9.) Anti-inflammatory and Antimicrobial properties:
The vitamin C present can help to fight agent infectious agents that invades the human body . Vitamin C is also anti-inflammatory which makes it good for people with asthma. In fact, okra is good in reducing the symptoms of asthma and also can help to cure it in some cases.
…and the last reason to take okra is due to the fact that it readily available in the market in Africa (especially Nigeria) and also very cheap i.e it is available at an affordable price.
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References : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okra (The free encyclopedia)

Written by Alimi Taiwo Hassan for Wikeria
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