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If you’re new to android, this blog post is probably not for you. However, if you’re already a pro on Android matters or if you have little knowledge or perhaps just trying to learn a few news tricks ,then you’re in the right place. 

First of all, What is Titanium apk? If you’re a chemist like me, the first thing that comes to mind is that titanium is a transition metal on the periodic table 😂 but make no mistake, titanium apk is an app available for download on google with many unique features which I’ll discuss here. 

To start with, you’ll need 

1.) Titanium backup pro on Google Play store (it costs just over N1200 or around $6)
2.) A phone with root permissions

Get these two and we can begin to discuss the wonders of titanium

Features of Titanium Backup:

1.) Backup and Restore
 Although it can and will do far more but the main feature of titanium is to create app and restore them at the users will. Backup can be scheduled, update.zip can be created, multiple back ups of apps is possible, one click restoration of both user and system apps, backups can also be sent to cloud and many other features have not even discussed here. 
In addition to softwares backup, titanium can also backup and restore bookmarks, contacts, sms, mms, wifi passwords and so on. 
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2.) Freeze apps – 
One good feature of titanium backup is the ability to freeze apps. The frozen apps will appear deleted but are still on the phone. This is good if there is a system app you want to remove buy you’re however not sure of it’s implication. User apps can also be frozen if they are not frequently used…and what’s more, it can easily be unfrozen with a single click. 

3.) Remove bloatwares – 
 Titanium is the perfect tool for removing unwanted softwares that are found on many of the custom android os from various manufacturers called bloatwares. Some of them can slow our phones, consume battery or data which makes them undesirable. Titanium can make them all go away. 

4.) Move Apps and Games to SD card – 
if you want more internal memory space, you can use titanium backup to move apps to your sd card effortlessly with a simple click

5.) Integrates Apps into ROM- 
apps like launchers can be integrated into system ROMs with the use of titanium backup. 

6.) Convert User apps to system app – 
The titanium backup can also covert user apps to system apps. This can be handy if you want these apps to run faster or to avoid them been force-closed 

7.) Wipe app data- 
Do you want to wipe your cache or app data? Well, titanium backup will do it with one easy click. This makes it look like you did a reset on your app, it’s particularly good if you are having issues with your app. 

Titanium Backup also offer other services like syncing to and from Google drive, Dropbox, and so on. Try it out and give me feedback.
 If you have any issue about the app, drop your comments. Reply will be quick. 

Written by Alimi Taiwo Hassan for Wikeria

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