How To Get A Smaller Waist Fast

Most ladies crave a smaller waist for a number of reasons, but it still boils down to one thing – they all want to get the best body they can and a smaller waist accentuate their curves and makes them look very attractive.

how to get a smaller waist in no time

In order to achieve this, most ladies go the extra mile, while some adopt fad diets in the hope of burning any fat responsible for a wide and flabby midsection, but most times they do not achieve required results because these fad diets  eventually fail.

Some depend on waist trainers which deliver desired results because a waist trainer is not going to make waist fat disappear. Even vendors of waist trainers now encourage their customers to adopt a healthy lifestyle that also includes regular exercising. Aside the fact that buying a waist trainer can be a wrong investment, it caused loads of discomfort to the wearer.

So is getting a smaller waist totally hard ? No! I am a lady with a very toned midsection and smaller waist, over time I have given other ladies fitness and health advice that helped them achieve their fitness goals and I am here to tell you the easiest way to get a smaller waist in no time.

Evaluate your eating habit

Before you take any other action with regards to getting a smaller waist you need to evaluate your eating habit, because it generally contributes to the way we are shaped over time (this is if your wide waist was not caused by child birth).

Several eating habits contribute to having an undesirable section. When you load your body with carbohydrate dense food late at night, you’re setting yourself up for a wider waist. This is because the carbohydrates don’t digest easily at night when the body is shutting down.

On several occasions where I damned the consequences and ate carbohydrates at night, the result was instant, I woke up with a wider midsection.

Does this mean you shouldn’t eat at night? Of course not! It is advisable to eat proteins at night because they digest easily. Also you can eat loads of fruits at night. In fact, if you desire a smaller waist in no time, you can start by eating only fruits and nuts at night. This will help you get a smaller waist while loading your body with nutrients.

Do exercises that target your waist

get a smaller waist with fitnes drills

To get a smaller waist, you must do exercises that target your waist. These exercises work wonders for your entire midsection. I know several ladies give so many excuses when it comes to exercising regularly. Some of these excuses include the following:

– I don’t have time for the gym because of my schedule.
– I can’t afford gym membership or a personal trainer.

The list goes on with several other excuses. The truth is you do not need to leave the comfort of your home before you can get a good work out. If you’re armed with the right information, you can achieve any fitness goal in the comfort of your home!

Yes! These days bodyweight exercises (exercises that require no equipment) have proven to be very effective. A good 5 minutes workout before you shower in the morning will help you get this smaller waist. Exercises such as oblique twists, planks, leglifts, crouching tiger and a variety of other exercises can help you get a smaller waist in one week or less.

It is one thing to know these exercises, but it’s another different thing to know how to do them correctly and when to do them. These days where loads of people become fitness pros overnight and start to give substandard advice, one can be easily be misled, but that doesn’t have to be your story.


Getting a small waist can be a walk in the park if you’re armed with the right info. I’ll continue in my next article here. Thanks for taking out time to read this.

This is a guest post written by Ifu Ennada for Ifu Ennada is a fitness enthusiast and model. She recently launched her website and her YouTube channel Ennada TV . You can connect with her on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.


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