If you are a blogger or  writer you can contribute articles and ideas to be used or published on wikeria.org.

Please note, in order for your article to be accepted  you must adhere to these guidelines below:

*. Your article must be long enough to be called a blog article and must be original and free from plagiarism. The length of your article must be the 500 words minimum. We don’t accept spin articles. If you spin an article we’ll surely know.

*. Please note that you are not allowed to add advertising link to an article. You are not allowed to link to your website in between article.

*. You must add your author bio below your article which must include a social media account (facebook, twitter or google plus). All external links to your website or blog must be put in the author info.

*. Adding links of references to your article to gain backlinks is prohibited. We will remove such links or references.

*. Articles telling the world how great you are or a client is will not be accepted.

*. Please have it in mind that by submitting your article, we have the right to edit the article, decline your article, edit your article title, remove a link you put in between your article.

All articles should be submitted to editor  wikeria.org@gmail.com with subject as ‘Guest Post’.

Sponsored Posts

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Thank you.