How Teens Can Make Money With Instagram Photos in 2017

If you are a teen and you are reading this, there are many Creative Ways to Make Money on Instagram
You wouldn’t bother reading this post if you’re a ‘Rich Kid of Instagram’. But for the lesser mortals, any money coming our way through a measly Instagram account is more than welcome.

make money on instagram

But first, you will need to get many followers on Instagram and to do that , I can provide you with an ebook that will show you how to get 20, 000 followers and make good money with it.

Instagram does not “own” the rights to your photos; you do. However, they have allowed themselves to use your images royalty-free for any purpose, any time. You, of course, are also fully free to use your images any way you wish―including making some greens off them.

Instagram has given birth to this huge army of aspiring photographers, who feel that every image, whether the tail of a cat or a painted nail of red, deserves to be on the cover of Nat Geo. Whenever you click on them, of course. Depending on how you look, this may seem like a laudable quest, or a teenage fad.

But do not write Instagram almost now. Its more than 130 million users are not completely made of fluff-which, in fact, is an incredible opportunity to market and publish, or just get in there. And make money while you’re at it.

1. Demonstrate your click dignity on IG

We have all been guilty of being bitten by the mistake of photography at some point in our lives. Now Instagram has managed to ventilate that urge even further, by creating this application that simply does not take bad pictures, what with those cool filters.

Therefore, the first tip is also the most obvious, you can sell your images to photography websites. Okay, it’s a long shot, but it’s definitely worth a try. These days it is not known what kind of vaccines are sold, so if you are a diligent clicker, why not go ahead and put your work to the test?

It always helps if you’ve been to some exotic locations or made some professional shoots, such pictures add weight to your possibilities. However, random, never-before-seen images are also known to hit the gold. Keep in mind, however, that even in the rare case that your work can be picked up, this is not a lucrative means of income by a long shot. Look at this as an opportunity to earn some money on the bench.

2. Go crazy for Instagram pets Images

If you have been using Instagram for a while, you would not have missed the obvious- that this app is basically a selling point for crazy pet people to flaunt their precious furries. There are hundreds of accounts dedicated exclusively to pets (cats in particular) that go about their day, earning thousands of followers per hour. And what, you ask? Well, here is what.

Nala, the Instagram cat’s journey is nothing short of sensational. She has over a million followers who love her incessant images that come with well-intentioned precision, along with the quirky comments that accompany them. She has been around since 2012, being one of the first accounts of the application. Sensing the trends, the owner of Nala decided to take advantage of the popularity of his pet and started an e-commerce site to market Nala’s exclusive products. Yes, there are a lot of people willing to buy a T-shirt with the face of this adorable furball on it. Counting yours too.

If you are a pet parent reading this, I can feel their eyes lit up, but keep that thought for a while. Again, Instagrammers are known to be crazy pets, so you need to put in a lot of effort to make your account stand out and get a solid follower base. This will take time, until your pet can match the feeling of the overnight sensation, Grumpy Cat.

3. Be a billboard

The potential of Instagram as a marketing tool is enormous, and all the big names have realized that. In fact, with the advent of experiential marketing, companies have begun to rely on the social network to promote their products, rather than run-of-the-mill ads. Established bloggers are generously paid to promote a particular product, as their followers are expected to trust the blogger’s word instead of a 10-second spot on television. The same goes for Instagram; If you are quite popular, great companies will come to you, especially if you make their presence felt in product launches, seminars and fashion shows and popularize your merchandise.

If you are new to this, start small. Build your account with a respectable number of followers. Once this is done, choose a small salon or boutique and offer to sell your goods for free (at first). If you succeed, you succeed, and now you are free to charge for it.

4. Use it as a billboard

If you are a budding entrepreneur, your Instagram account is as good a tool as any to promote your products and services. No matter if you are a starter or settle down, additional customers are always welcome.

Be creative and make 15-second Instagram videos by highlighting your products, and uploading them. If you have customer testimonials, make sure that they present them prominently (only after you have taken their leave, of course). You can also create photo collages from followers who share photos of them using your products with a particular hashtag.

5. Search affiliates

Companies like Snapfluence act as a perfect channel between you and a means to make money. Snapfluence is a site dedicated to influential Instagrammers, who act as a platform for people to market their own business, or for those who do a good job promoting other businesses. Being an ambassador Snapfluence comes with the benefits of interacting with the best in the business, you can have the opportunity to work for these top brands, rolling out your campaign, and promoting your products. They may not always be paid in cash, but there are plenty of free products or sponsorships,


Getting paid for using Instagram seems a lot like a hogwash of sorts. One can’t really call it a safe and stable career, but more like a stepping stone to get on to bigger things. Use it well. Many teens are making money on Instagram and you can join them,

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