Trump’s Impeachment Is Possible Based On Perjury

Trump could easily be impeached based on perjury and other forms of lying

If Donald Trump does anything consistently well, it’s lying. But if lying to the American people could get a president impeached, he’d be gone already.

Trumps impeachment

Perjury, however, will get the job done. The trick will be to get Trump to lie under oath. The way to do that is simply to get him under oath. He’ll do the rest.

To be sure, it won’t be easy to get Trump under oath. That would likely require him to testify as a witness or a defendant in a lawsuit. Or to testify under oath before a Congressional committee. While there are lots of ways a president can dodge testifying under oath, sometimes it can’t be avoided. Ask Bill Clinton.

Keep in mind, though, that committing perjury under oath is not the only way to commit a crime by lying. Fraud, for instance, is a form of lying that can trigger criminal proceedings in the absence of an oath. So is lying to Congress. So is lying to the FBI. So is encouraging a witness to give false testimony.

President Clinton’s impeachment, for instance, was based not only on the allegation that he perjured himself to the Ken Starr grand jury and in the Paula Jones civil case, but also that he encouraged witnesses to give false testimony, gave job assistance to a potential witness, and “corruptly allowed” his attorney to make false statements during a deposition.

Given Trump’s penchant for lying, it’s not hard to imagine that this could be a path to impeachment. And the subject matter of his lies is bound to be far more serious than the subject matter of Clinton’s alleged lies.

Nobody can predict what might end Trump’s presidency. If he becomes malignant enough, the American body politic will reject him. Congress will follow suit if members come to believe that Trump is infecting them too.

Trump’s support from Congressional Republicans is a mile wide and an inch deep. If they turn on him, they can and will impeach him, even if the legal case is relatively weak. If they don’t, they won’t vote to impeach him even if the case is strong. That’s how it works.

At the end of the day, grounds for Trump’s impeachment is pretty much whatever Congress says it is. If Congress wants to get there, the paths are open.

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