This is what Jesus really looked like

If you think Jesus is exactly what you pictured or what is similar to this photo, well, we have news for you. You’re probably wrong. 

​If you close your eyes and try to picture what Jesus looked like, there’s a good chance you’ll see long, flowing hair, a beard and pale skin.

A forensic scientist has recreated what Jesus looked like, using historical evidence of his life, artists’ depictions and physical descriptions found in the Bible.
Richard Neave began his mission in 1998, examining skulls from Northern Israel from the beginning of the first century.
He made a plaster cast of a skull for BBC documentary Son of God, and the result looks nothing like the Jesus we’re used to seeing in churches.

This is what Jesus would have looked like

The question now is, who is the man that has been passed around as Jesus and shown to us over the years? 
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