How To Block or Report Friends And Family With Facebook Android App

How to block or report  friends and Family  on Facebook is quite an easy task if you know your way round the Facebook Mobile Application on Android or even On IOS. 

In this blog post, I will show easy steps to block friends on Facebook 

 Step 1

Open your Facebook Mobile App

 Step 2

Login to your Facebook account and Search for the Facebook User to Block

Block People on Facebook

Step 3

Click on the friend profile you want to block and click the option menu. Here you will see Facebook options like ‘Block’, ‘Report’, Poke,  ‘Add to Facebook groups’ . Select the option you desire. 

Report facebook user

For the purpose of this blog post, select Report or Block on your Facebook Android Application. 

Step 4

After this, it will give you an option to to cancel or confirm the act. Just select Ok.

Easy way to block facebook users


Block .
Trust me, the Facebook user you blocked will gone in 60S and if you report them, appropriate measures will be taken. 

PS: You need valid reasons to report someone on Facebook with you Facebook Android Application . But to block, you need no reason ☺ 

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