Choosing a Career- Where Nigerian Parents Get It Wrong

What the fuck is wrong with many Nigerian Parents? 

Am really pissed and sad to see the percentage of children feeling useless and worthless just because they couldn’t achieved their parents dream. Many kids think they are failures because they can’t achieve their parent’s dreams/fantasies.
And what’s the dream? You must be a Medical Doctor! Especially for kids that are brilliant, this pressure is on them to become Medical Doctors. In fact, it’s a general problem in Nigeria. Once you start topping your class at age 5,the pressure is already on you. 
Why is it that parents want their children to be what they tried so hard to be but couldn’t be? Before birth, you already have a name, a religion, a location for these kids. Is that not enough? Most you control their careers also? Why are Nigerian parents so so insensitive?. 
Bloggers want their kid to be a blogger, same goes for Programmers, Doctors and so on. But the greatest of it all is the medicine palava. 
Is it a must? Is medicine the only way to success? 
Dear Nigerian Parents, please start to think more about your Children and let them have a say in their own future.

Is it a must to study medicine? 

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