5 Best Android Applications For Nigerian Bloggers

Gone are the days when a blogger needs his laptop to stay connected or to update his post, most of the blogging job can now be done on a mobile phone thanks to some mobile applications. Here, I’ll focus on Android alone. Here is a list of the best Android Applications for Nigerian bloggers

blogger android app for nigerians

1.) Blogger

There are many iterations of this application on playstore e.g Blogaway, bloggeroid and so on. But Blogger is Google’s own mobile application and it does the job well. There are a few limitations( you can’t view traffic stats, or edit images)  but you can post with the apk , insert images, edit posts, use labels with it. If the aim is to post a blog update, this app will serve the purpose. For bloggers on blogspot, this application is one of the must have for Nigerian bloggers.

2.) Google Analytics

This application is for all bloggers whether you’re on wordpress or blogger platform. Like the name suggests, it gives you an idea of your site’s visitors behavior by providing you with key metrics and real time data. It will provide you statistics on number of users per page views, session time, bounce rate, and so on.


Evernote is one of my favorite mobile application. I so much love it that it’s right there on my list of top 10 mobile applications on Android. In fact, am using it to write this post. I can hardly go a day without using Evernote. If you need to pin down ideas, write or edit your work, then Evernote is your best bet. For bloggers it is even more important as we always need to write, edit and pin down ideas on the go. What’s more? You can sync your notes with the Evernote app on your desktop.

5 best applications for Nigerian bloggers

Adsense and Analytics


The money-monitoring app like I prefer to call it ? . If you’re into Adsense, then this mobile application will keep you abreast of your earnings. It’s free and it can give you exclusive details on your RPM, CPC , impression views, clicks, page CTR, estimated earnings and other necessary parameters. Every body loves to earn , thus every Nigerian blogger will be happy to have this mobile application


wordpress apk


If you’re on the word press platform like wikeria.org , then it is a must you have this one. The application seem a little more sophisticated than Blogger and it gets the job done. You can edit post, delete posts, publish posts, manage comments, reply to comments, invite users , give them roles and a plethora of other things. It’s feature-rich!

Are there any other applications am missing? Drop your comments and let’s share knowledge.

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