Pastor Sells ‘Anointed Cucumbers’ To Church Members in Zimbabwe 

Zimbabwean pastor is making it big by selling the so-called  anointed cucumbers to his congregations and yes, he is making thousands of money from the venture.
The Zimbabwean Prophet, Walter Magaye who has been accused of rape, fake miracles, banning PHD members from attending his church among other scandals is such a controversial figure but won’t stop the dollars from rolling in.

Is religion truly responsible for the suffering of Africans? or should we blame it on poverty and miseducation? Are the poor people the only sect suffering from religious brainswashing, is it high time for the educated and conscious members of the society to interfere? Perhaps, these hyper-religious members need our help! or perhaps it is high time went back to our African Traditional religion!

According to reports gathered, Prophet Walter Magaya of the prophetic healing and deliverance ministries (PHDM) in Zimbabwe, Africa ordered his ushers to distribute the cucumber for an amount of money after anointing them.

Would Jesus have done this? Is the anointing genuine? Is the Pastor for real? Is this a scam? Will you buy an anointed Cucumber?
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