A Virgin’s Narration of Her First Sex Experience

A Virgin’s Narration of Her First Sex Experience 

This is a real story…(not mine though cos I don dey see una eyes popping like popcorn ) I thought to share it

“when I was a fourteen year old in the secondary school, my friends used to talk a lot about sex. What it’s like, how it feels and every other thing but truth and lies. One of the things they always said back then was that the first person a girl has sex with will be her soul mate forever.

He will be the only man she truly loves and she will always want him. Basically, in a lay man’s language: the man with whom you lose your virginity gets your mumu button forever! I was appalled at this thought. The idea that having sex with someone will determine the rest of my life like that. What if the guy doesn’t love me? What if I don’t love him? What if we have to part because of incompatibility, what if I find someone else? What if…. My mind raced for months and months.

 Eventually, I forgot about it temporarily as other things came to my mind. Fast forward to two hundred level second semester when I was ready to have sex for the first time. I mean, I and the guy had done everything except the real thing. I had been holding out not because I was trying to be pious or because I was trying to be one of those girls who placed so much importance on it. I was holding out because what that girl in my school said about a guy having my mumu button forever was still haunting me.

The thought of it gave me palpitations. So one day while I was watching porn like I always did, I noticed that the lady was doing it all by herself. Using her fingers and using a dildo. Like that moment when the apple fell on Einstein head… (I’m not sure if it was Einstein joor) it suddenly occurred to me that I could just let go of all the fuss and do it myself. After all, it was the first time that mattered. I sat on my bunk in the hostel that night and when everyone was asleep, I started to try it with my finger. Oh my… it was harder than I thought.

My finger would just not go in. when I applied pressure, it hurt so bad that I covered my mouth with a pillow and screamed into it. After that day, I gave up for a while and just went about my life. Then again, the spirit came down upon me when I was watching porn, and again I started to try, this time, my finger sort of went in. but it got stuck before I was able to put it in beyond the first line on it. It became painful again but not quite as painful as the other time because this time I was wet from all the porn watching. Again I let it go.

 Then later at the end of that month, when I was doing my shopping, I came across some candles in the supermarket, they were the medium sizes and they smelt so nice. I remember thinking that they looked so much like penises and then again I had the light bulb moment. I picked up three of the candles, not sure how the hell I was gonna explain them to anyone since my hostel had 24/7 power.

 I went to my room that day, and I did it. It was painful, lightly bloody but whe I was done, I was so happy with my self. I had successfully done it and I would not be giving my mumu button to anyone. Well… maybe the candle. But the candle doesn’t count right? Its just a candle. It was not until when it was done that it suddenly occurred to me that I could not have sex with my then boyfriend. Why? Because the reason I had been holding out for so long was because of this virginity thin g, now that it was not there, if I had sex with him, I would look like a freaking liar. So guess what I did? I went over to his hostel the next day with the intention of picking a fight, I needed an excuse to break up with him so that I would be able to date someone without the hassles of virginity.

 As much as I tried, the guy just remained cool. He remained nice, treating me like I was Christmas. I hated it! I did everything in the textbook ranging from stopping the music he was playing on his phone and playing from mine instead to actually telling him he was so annoying and asking him what his problem was. My dear… that guy’s angel strong die. Na so…so… mumu he dey do for me o.

 He blatantly refused to fight me and actually walked twenty minutes to get me a bowl of iced cream. When he came back, it was half melted and I told him just that and refused to touch it. He took it to his neighbor’s room and asked the guy to refrigerate for him. And then he was back in the room trying to please me. Eventually, I told him point blank that I was breaking up with him. He looked at me and smiled as if he saw it coming from a million miles. “look, you’re just being a kid. Don’t worry… it will be fine” he said and I wanted to snap his head off his neck.

When my iced cream came back all frozen up, I ate it with relish and then picked up my bag and made to leave. He walked me to the door of his room and then leaned in to kiss me as we always did when I was leaving. I tilted my face away from his kiss and he put up his hand and firmly but gently guided my mouth back to his. The story from that point is a blur.

 He kept asking me if I was okay… if I needed anything, if I wanted him to stop. If the music was too loud. If he was doing it right… I wanted to scream “hey im not a virgin anymore idiot” but I didn’t. When it was done, he had this look in his eyes… like his soul was trying to snatch my own soul. I could tell that he thought he had just had sex with a virgin and I almost laughed out loud.

When I got up from the bed, a wave of confusion washed over me as I starred blindly at the bloody bedsheet.

 Narrated by Alasooke Olakunle

 Editted by Alimi Taiwo Hassan.

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