5 Tips to Stay Motivated For New Business Entrepreneurs

Most of us think we can start our business today and start grinding tomorrow but hey i have bad news you’ll hate to hear. Business is not like that, it is not a bed of roses. Motivation in business is a must. I once wrote an essay on the best and most profitable business you can do.  Check it.

Unfortunately, most young entrepreneurs (like me) are made to believe that business is easy and you will start getting money months later. You will often see banners like, ‘start this business and make 100 percent profit back in 2 months.  Thus, a need for encouragement and motivation in Business!

Motivation for business entrepreneurs

 From my experience, if you start a business today, you will probably have to invest in it in terms of capital and labour in the next 5 years or forever and before you start making a serious profit, it can take a matter of months. But when you get to that level, things becomes spontaneous! Perseverance and Patience are the two ‘Ps’ that are the key to the success of any business.
Without much ado, i will like to talk on how we can stay motivated on our business

1.) Love what you do Passion for your work is a beautiful thing. Nothing seems better than having real love for your work. When you engage yourself in a business that you love, it becomes an habit. Will you ever stop what you love to do?
The main reason why most people are frustrated in their business is because they have little or no love for their work. They just do it as a necessity, as a means to make money thus, when things don’t go the way they planned it, they capsize.
Start a business in something you love, and you will love your business back.

2.) Expect the Storm/Storms 
May your road be rough seems more like a blessing in business than a curse. Imagine what Gates and Jobs went through, nobody wants that but that is life! Business can be difficult at times and an entrepreneur should expect that. When the storm comes, make sure you’re rock solid unless you will be blown away

3. ) Find a Hobby
While your business is on, always find time for hobbies. They help relieve stress. And you can find joy, connections and contacts, lessons from them that can help your business. Most businessmen men are tennis players, golfers and other hobbies they do in spare time.

4.) Patience
While you are thinking of making millions in a week, you should also know it’s not always the case. Patience is actually the key in Business. Every good thing takes time and a good business is one. So, don’t be frustrated , be motivated!

5.) Diversify your Source of Income
Money Money Money. It’s never enough. And while one business may be sucking your money, it’s not bad to engage in other avenue to keep the cash coming. Making money keeps you motivated but sometimes money don’t come like we want it to do in business.

Are you losing hope already? I hope the 5 tips here keeps you motivated and you journey into the Business Jungle.

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