5 Standout Features of Admysale Application

           5 Standout Features of Admysale Application 

Let me set the record straight, there are many sales app that I’ve come to use and cherish but after downloading the admysale app, I got a rethink, it’s simply without any iota of doubt the best I’ve ever used so far.

I can picture a question running through your mind as to why I made this statement that admysale is the best, well I will list a few reasons here.

1. There’s a Video Tutorial 
Sometimes after installing a new application, we all find it cumbersome to operate but admysale is the exert opposite. On the welcome page you’ll see a 42 seconds tutorial that describes how the application works. Until you’ve seen it yourself, you won’t have an idea how nice this is. Bravo!

2. The Interface is Simple 
Another huge credits to the app developers. They really did a great job keeping it simple and clean. Perhaps they took some clues from the Admysale.com website itself. Simplicity makes the selling and buying work an easy task to accomplish.

3. Easy and Smooth Sign-up 
Nobody loves a tedious sign up protocol and again, admysale delivers with something smooth. You can easily sign up with facebook or google plus and if you think that’s too much to handle, the app gives you an option to skip and get straight to business.

4. Dashboard

After you log in, a simple interface with with a list of all wish to do which includes garage sale, estate sale, auction, search and a few others.

5. Notification
This is the icing on the cake, depending on your input or request, you can set your notifications on and get updates delivered to you.

If you don’t have the app yet, get yours now. It’s available on playstore and Apple Store.

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