10 Explicit Reasons Why You Must Start Blogging Today

   10 Explicit Reasons Why You Must Start Blogging Today

It’s the new world and everybody  practically lives on the internet. We are internet addicts. Phone addicts. We may not know it but it’s the simple truth.
I am always connected 247 even when am offline, it must be for a valid reasons. 

So what do we all do? We live on social media and surf the net. Yeah! By the net I mean we all blog.

Whether it’s by posting updates on Facebook, Twitter, or by commenting on blogs or writing a few notes on evernote mobile application, it’s simply undeniable that we are all bloggers.

So, here are few reasons why you need to start blogging today:

1. It’s Easy To Start Blogging 
Starting a blog is not as difficult as you think. In fact, it’s one of the easiest things you can do. If you are new or not a pro, you can always buy a template , hire a web designer or ask for one or two advice.

Am a professional in all these aspects and I can help you out. Just send me an email at wikeriaorg@gmail.com. You need help? Contact me.

2. You Can Make Money With Your Blog
Making money by blogging is quite easy. There are many ways in which you can make money. I will list a few:

A. Banner Placement
B. Ads like adsense, infolinks
C. Sponsored Posts
D. Sell a product
E. Sell a service

For example, I use sponsored posts, adsense and I sell services like templates, web designing and other blogging services to make monetize my blog. Elsewhere, am a freelance writer.

3. You get to Help People Through Your Blog
One of the easiest ways to make money in life is by helping others to make money. Elsewhere, you can help people to make money by rendering free services.
Helping others is the best thing you can do for yourself.
At wikeria.org , I deliver free articles, inspirational, motivational articles and free tips and tricks. These are things I know and I love to help others with it.

Fiverr is another aspect am good at. I provide help for newcomers and how they can make money using Fiverr and Freelancer. If you need help on them, contact me .

I have free tips that will make you rank fast and make a lot of money.  Contact me at wikeria.org

3. Freedom is another reason why you must start blogging today
Like seriously, the best part of blogging is the fact that you can travel around and still do your work at your own time. You can move around, enjoy a nice holiday without having to worry yourself.
You’re your own boss. But before you can do that, you have to grow your blog.
You blog everywhere and make money everywhere you go.

4. You get to Make Friends by Starting a Blog
I’ve make more friends on the internet. In fact, I mostly do business with people I met while blogging. People read my articles and they contact me and most often, we do share a common interest. Conversation for bloggers is vital

There, we get to meet and become pals.

5. You Learn Something New By Blogging
The best way to learn is to start something you’re not good at. For me, that’s marketing and blogging. SEO, SMO, HTML, PHP, and many other things. A blogger must learn so many things in order to be successful . These are mostly things I know nothing of and today I make money doing them and well, am still learning

6. You Develop Your Skills
As a blogger, you have to keep developing yourself. As a writer have had to brush up my English, have learnt new writing skills and even have to improve as a writer. You need to be your better self and improve as such.
If you’re good at something and you want to blog on it, you will have to develop yourself. It’s a good reason to blog

7. Build a Brand
Building a blog can serve as a brand. Many bloggers have their blog as their brand. It’s something they’ve grown and nurtured over the years and now they are reaping the benefits.
To build a brand, you have to create a standard blog.

8. Boost Your Business
As a rule most businesses regardless of how small must have a great online presence. This can give you an access to new audience and boost your reputation.
In fact, blogging and website building is an important part of business management in this new age. Blogging can motivate and boost your business morale and it is one of the affordable business you can do.

9. It’s Your Online Diary/Journal
I sometimes look at my own blog with a big chuckle on my face. At times I go back to read my past posts and I just smile at my evolution. For a lifestyle blogger like me, this is so true. I write mostly about how I feel about a particular thing. Today I may be talking about android best apps, tomorrow it could be top 10 time management, or perhaps I could be discussing wordpress vs blogger. For me, tomorrow I might be giving an opinion on Jack Ma’s views on poverty…blogging is a memoir.

10. It can Promote Your Talent
I’ve always been a big talker. Always sharing tips and views on Facebook. Recently I decided to start blogging to share my write ups on my blog just to promote my writing skills. Since then, I’ve been getting writing work offers and jobs. Think of hiring me?
Yeah, I write for fun and make money doing it.

The merits of blogging is much. There’s so much reasons to blog and here I could only list 10. Writing more is not so difficult because blogging is an amazing wonderland.

Written by Alimi Taiwo Hassan

If you have any question, drop your comments here. If you have trouble setting up your blog or making money online, drop your comments here. Am here to help

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