The Top 10 photos From The Olympics (Perverted Minds Only)

These are the best photos from Rio Olympics 2016 so far. We will definitely keep you updated.

1.) The Red Team
I really don’t have a name for this move. But one thing for sure, it got me thinking of cunnilingus. If you know what that means, then I’ll say we both have a perverted mind

olympic man sucking ladies pussy

2.) The Lifeguard
For swimmers who are probably the best on earth, one gets to wonder what they will need a lifeguard for! With a legend like Micheal Phelps swimming, is there any chance of drowning? And if so, who will save who?
I bet Phelps will do the saving!

the useless job of an olympic lifeguard

3.) The Boy with No Chills
Oh well, we are all men ain’t we? And emmm, sometimes this dick gets hard for no reasons. The difference here is that, there is a reason to have an erection here. He’s ripe enough 😂

small boy balley penis goes hard

4.) The Man With No Chills
All in those tights and nothing, absolutely nothing could save the this penis from rearing it’s ugly head.
Well, if there’s something to be happy about it’s how this penis defied the laws of nature. Gravity, shame on you!

Penis pervert olympics athlete rio
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5.) The Splash Shot
This is perhaps one of the best photo from Rio. Everything about this shot is magnificent. It’s 50 shades of absolute beauty and I can only find myself revelling in it. Do you have something better? Hit us

best swimming photo from olympics

6.) The Sport Ass
Hey Serena, you have a competitor here. With a ass as wicked as this one can only wonder.. Which sport? It got me peeping twice but it better not be tennis. That will be trouble for the umpire!

olympic volleyball lady with biggest ass

7.) The Athlete with The Hip To Die For
And i always picture athletes as skinny people with no hips or butts. Typically Jamaican or Kenya with dry hips but this athlete came to Rio purposely to shut me up and ya, she did.
That’s just…..

olympics athlete with the biggest sexy hips
great hips

8.) The Wardrobe Malfunction
Uhhh.. No comment!

olympic gymnast skirt cuts nude photo

9.) Segun Toriola Focuses on What Matters
And my homie from Nigeria shows us how to focus on a ping pong ball. If only our politicians can focus on their citizens this way

segun Toriola big eyes watching ball

10.) Djoko Cries
Loosing is never easy for Djokovic and it’s never easier when you play for for your country. Del Potro sends the Number One tennis player out in straight sets.
Champions cry too.

djokovic porn cry at olympics
Djoko cries

Written by Alimi Taiwo Hassan

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