Nine-year-old boy with rare disorder struggles to lose weight

Nine-year-old Li Hang now sells flowers on the street in northeast China’s Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, but he struggles to fit in with society as a result of a rare genetic disorder that has left him with a lifelong battle against obesity.

Li was born weighing slightly over 2.5 kg, which is normal. Yet at the age of three, he started to gain excessive weight and experienced a lack of emotion stability. Doctors, who said he was below average intelligence level for his age, diagnosed him with Prader-Willi Syndrome in 2012.

Now nine years old, Li struggles to satiate himself or stabilize his emotions due to the illness. This contributed to overeating which saw him balloon to 167 kg. Now he has to bear high blood pressure and a fatty liver, together with ten associated diseases.

He successfully lost weight at a diet camp, but after regaining too much in March and with no effective solution, he received a mini-invasive bariatric surgery. He is now 143 kg, but his struggle continues.

Source: cctv

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