Muslim Truck Driver Parks His Truck In the Middle of The Road to Pray

It all happened at the Ore-Ijebu Ode road as an Hausa truck driver packed his truck on the road causing a serious traffic congestion while passengers could only come down take photos in awe of the incident.

Well, it didn’t lead to any violent incident but one can only wonder if something like this can happen in civilized states like our Nigeria.

Prayer is mandatory in Islam but doing it in a way to disturb others is not advisable.

My response to this act 

This is really disturbing but before we start raining downpours of abuse on the Islam , let me tell you this: this is not Islam. This is a combination of Illiteracy and  Ignorance on an ethereal layer of Religious Miseducation.

If you practice Islam in such a way that in it doesn’t bring others into it, or in a way that doesn’t bring respect for you or for the religion, YOU’RE NOT A MUSLIM!

For God sake, he could’ve parked elsewhere.

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