Is Religion Responsible for the Suffering? My Reply To Nairaland CEO

Are Religious People Really Suffering? (My Reply to Oluwaseun of Nairaland)

After Seun of Nairaland claimed that religious people are suffering, one begin to wonder if there is an iota of truth in it or perhaps, all he said was true. In one of my very recent articles, I discussed how certain groups of people are suffering and on another one, I discussed how some groups of people are enjoying tremendously.

We are in a world where people often relate everything in terms of religion and perhaps like my good friend ‘Chika Uche’ will say, everything is usually seen from a jaundiced religious prism. In fact, we will be lieing to ourselves if we say there is any secular country in Africa.

Poverty, Diseases, Delusions are just one of the few hydra-headed problems we have in Africa. So painful I once wrote a letter to God!

One thing we do best In Africa is to pray.

But to say all religious people are suffering may be a little far-fetched . There are some groups of people benefiting tremendously from religion.

In his article, he made the following points which I’ll love to counter

1.)He Called Religion a Delusion
In philosophy, metaphysics is widely acknowledged and accepted. To call the belief in a diety a delusion simply because there is no proof of it may be exceedingly wrong. Lack of proof doesn’t mean something doesn’t exist. Decades ago, humans didn’t know Dark matter or dark energy exists and here we are today… exploring science

2.) Afterlife
While I must agree that every religion is widely based on the concept of afterlife and so far, there has been no proof. Aside from what we’ve read from old literatures like Plato’s Republic , the Bible, The Torah, The Qu’ran and so on. But again, there is no proof that this doesn’t exist and believing in after life doesn’t limit human’s capacity to attain full zen. Or does it?

3.) Tithes
Tithing itself is not bad like Oluwaseun of Nairaland or any other atheist might see it. In fact, tithes can be a tool for great things. Many schools were built by the early missionaries, new churches are building schools, prominent pastors like T. Joshua are helping lives with it. If we consider tithes as a tax for helping less privileged people, is it bad? Tithes doesn’t contributes to church goers miseries

4.) Healing
This is a tough one to tackle. Many athiests like Seun will argue that healing does not exist in the spiritual form. And judging by the facts that ambulances take people to hospitals instead of churches we can reason the same way. More so, many pastors often go to clinics to treat themselves so this begs the question ‘are spiritual healing real?’  Trust me, many religions people will agree and I must say , the belief, the atmosphere in churches can as well act as a placebo

5.) Intolerance
Islam has prooven itself as the bad boy of religion. Intolerance is widely preached but can we blame all Muslims for the actions of a few? Many Muslims are tolerant and many Christians have shown tolerance

Oluwaseun of Nairaland clearly have his points but I’ll disagree with many of them. Many religious people are living the good life while there are some religious people who are suffering .

Written by Alimi Taiwo Hassan for wikeria

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